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Life Care Planning in Traumatic Injury Lawsuits

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2013 | Personal Injury

It is one thing to calculate the losses suffered by a person who has survived a major, traumatic accident: lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, etc. But what about the additional financial burdens this person will carry as a result of the accident? How do you calculate those?

Professional life care planners play a major role in helping personal injury attorneys calculate the costs of necessary medical and assistive resources for plaintiffs in major personal injury lawsuits. These experts are critically important in catastrophic injury cases. At the Law Offices of Mallon & Tranger, we hope you and your family never need our personal injury lawsuit services. However, if you or a loved one suffers a serious, catastrophic injury, please contact us for strong representation. To schedule a private meeting, contact us online or call us at 732-702-0333. Your first consultation is free.

The Life Care Plan is a central document in a personal injury lawsuit to achieve fair compensation for a plaintiff with a major catastrophic injury. A certified life care planner interviews the plaintiff and his or her family, reviews medical records, interviews doctors and rehabilitation specialists, and then constructs the life care plan using information from those resources as well as the life care planners own professional expertise.

The life care plan contains the following information:

  • The special medical care, assistive devices, and supportive services the person will need throughout his or her life as a result of the injuries
  • The cost of each of these necessary items, along with timelines, start dates and phase-out dates for each resource

Common items in a life care plan include:

  • Home renovations to accommodate a wheelchair
  • Purchase of a specially adapted vehicle
  • Specialized nursing care
  • Home services such as housecleaning if the plaintiff is unable to perform these chores
  • Medical care, prescriptions, therapeutic treatments, etc.
  • Future diagnostic testing
  • Educational and vocational services

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