In addition to coverage for traumatic events or accidents, as well as repetitive stress injuries, the New Jersey workers’ compensation laws allow workers to seek benefits when they have contracted a disease or illness because of exposure to toxic substances or other harmful conditions at work. Frequently, the cause of such an injury is exposure to chemicals, either in the manufacturing process, or from by-products. This blog post provides an overview of the types of claims that may be the basis of an occupational disease claim in New Jersey.

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It is not necessary that you suffer a traumatic or repetitive stress injury on the job to seek workers’ compensation benefits in New Jersey. If your job requires that you be exposed to chemicals or other toxic substances, and you have developed cancer, skin rash, or suffer from respiratory ailments, you can seek compensation under state workers’ compensation laws. If you sought medical treatment for the illness before your current employment, or if you were actually diagnosed with a pre-existing illness, you cannot seek benefits for the occupational illness, unless your current employment aggravated your condition.

Other types of injuries that can provide the basis for an occupational disease claim include mesothelioma or asbestosis as a result of exposure to asbestos, as well as leukemia or other conditions related to exposure to benzene. You can seek benefits if you suffer from silicosis or asthma, and you believe your disease was caused by exposure to particulates or other substances at work.

Other types of illnesses that may qualify you for coverage under New Jersey workers’ compensation laws include long-term allergic reactions, HIV/AIDS or similar conditions, as well as heart pathologies.


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