When you break a bone the naked eye or an X-ray can detect the break. When you suffer severe lacerations, the need for medical care is clear. But how can loss due to brain injuries be detected and proven?

The personal injury attorney team of The Law Office of Mallon & Tranger in Freehold, Toms River and Pt Pleasant has handled hundreds of serious and catastrophic injuries following car accidents, falls, workplace accidents and other types of accidents. We are highly knowledgeable regarding the life-altering effects that can result from a traumatic brain injury. Do you have questions regarding:

  • Difficulty concentrating?
  • Forgetfulness or the need to have things repeated?
  • Trouble making decisions?
  • Behavioral issues like anger or undue frustration?
  • Trouble hearing?
  • Headaches or blurry vision?
  • Difficulty speaking?
  • Balance problems?
  • A change in personality?

We work with neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other expert medical providers to quantify and prove the effects of head injuries. Insurers may claim that brain injury symptoms are imaginary or that they existed before an accident. We can work to show that brain injury symptoms are real and that they affect our client’s life, work, relationships and activities of daily living. Our handling head, brain and spine injury cases has resulted in multiple six- and seven-figure awards.

If you need legal help regarding a serious injury, trust attorneys who have achieved a high rate of success in negotiations and trials over the past two and a half decades. Contact The Law Office of Mallon & Tranger in Freehold, Toms River or Pt Pleasant for a free consultation. Call 732-702-0333, or fill out our online intake form.