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Drug Charges

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2012 | Criminal Law

If you have been charged with or are under investigation for a drug offense, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your rights. The laws in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are tough on drug crimes, but the federal laws are even tougher. If you are convicted of a federal drug crime, you could risk forfeiture of any property that prosecutors consider to have been obtained with drug money.

At the Law Offices of Mallon & Tranger, we have extensive experience protecting the rights of people who have been charged with a drug crime. To schedule a private meeting, contact us online or call us at 732-702-0333. Your first consultation is free.

What to Do When You Have Been Charged with a Drug Crime

A conviction for a drug crime can have severe and long-lasting consequences. In addition to the fines and penalties, such as incarceration, you may find yourself disqualified from working in certain professions.

When you are under investigation for or have been charged with a drug crime, whether possession, trafficking or manufacturing, the first thing you want to do is exercise your right to remain silent. You are not required to answer any questions from police without having an attorney present. Whether you have been placed under arrest or not, there is no requirement that you respond to or participate in any interrogation.

You also want to make certain that you don’t inadvertently assist the police in their investigation. A law enforcement officer must have probable cause to conduct a search or seizure at your home. If the police come to your door, you have the right to ask to see a search warrant and you do not have to allow the police in unless they have a warrant. Even if you don’t have drugs or drug paraphernalia on the premises, you may inadvertently allow them to see evidence of another crime, giving them probable cause to conduct a search.

The Types of Drug Crimes

The two most common types of drug offenses are possession and trafficking, also known as sale or distribution. Possession offenses involve having a controlled substance without a valid prescription. Depending on the amount, you may be charged with simple possession or with possession with intent to sell.

Trafficking can include selling, transporting or delivering illegal drugs. There are also statutes making it illegal to manufacture or cultivate drugs, such as methamphetamine or marijuana.

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