New Jersey’s Dog Bite Laws

Your Rights Under the New Jersey Dog Bite Laws

A dog is man’s best friend…most of the time. Unfortunately, more and more dog owners are breeding and training their canines to be aggressive. When they can control those animals, it’s not a problem. But when they can’t…and there seem to be more and more instances where innocent citizens (often children) have been seriously injured by domestic animals…the consequences can be devastating.

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New Jersey’s Dog Bite Law

Like most states, New Jersey imposes strict liability on dog owners for injuries to other people. Unlike most personal injury claims, dog bite claims in New Jersey do not require a showing of fault. All you need to prove to recover damages is that

  • The person you seek damages from owned the dog, and
  • The dog bit or attacked you, causing injury, and
  • You were in a public place or were not trespassing on the defendant’s property at the time of the attack

There is no requirement that you demonstrate that the dog had a prior history of aggressive behavior or violence, or that the dog had any prior inclination toward aggressive behavior. If you were on the defendant’s property without permission at the time of the attack, your right to recover will depend on whether the trespass was with criminal intent. If the trespass was inadvertent, you still have a right to damages. If, however, you entered the defendant’s property knowingly, or with intent to commit a criminal act, the defendant may assert criminal trespass as a defense to liability.

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