Construction Site Accidents Involving Site Debris

It’s a pretty common occurrence for contractors, subs and suppliers to leave materials strewn across a construction site. But just because it happens doesn’t mean that you can’t rightfully seek compensation when you’ve been injured as a result.

Owners, developers, contractors and sub-contractors all have a duty to take reasonable steps to minimize the risk of injury on a construction site. It may be impossible to make a site completely safe, but there’s really no excuse for leaving items around that may cause injury.

Here are common examples of ways that a job site can be rendered unsafe:

  • Contractors or subcontractors leave packaging, remnants, or trash on the ground or an upper floor, causing slipping or tripping hazards
  • Tools, equipment or machinery are not put away, or are operated too close to unguarded ends of a platform
  • A contractor fails to provide a dumpster or any other means for disposing of trash, debris or other materials, allowing it to collect on higher levels or be thrown off the side of upper level construction
  • Form and scrap lumber gets left on a site, with nails protruding, where other workers can step on them

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific guidelines for minimizing job injury on a construction site. Any storage areas or walkways on a construction site must be free of debris, and flammable or hazardous wastes must be stored in separate containers from ordinary job site debris. Additionally, OSHA requires that waste and job site debris be removed from the site on a regular basis, based on the rate of accumulation and the capacity of dumpsters or other containers.

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